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Camping Out in the Backyard

Have you landscaped your backyard? Did you add a deck with a lounging, cooking, and dining area? Do you have a section in your backyard where you can pitch a tent? If so, you have the perfect place for an outdoor camping trip for the entire family.

Millions of Americans go camping. They go to special campgrounds or state parks. Sometimes, it is not possible to find the time to go on a trip. If you make this a backyard activity with your family, it is one way of spending quality time together. And after your kids tell all their friends about the fun they had, you will probably have guest campers and envious parents in your neighborhood.

camping out

Backyard camping is easier than camping at a state park or special campgrounds. The main reason is because you do not have to get in the car to drive for miles to get there. You can keep your camping gear in a shed or the garage for easy access. On the weekend or night you plan to camp out, you just pull out the gear and set it up.

Camping in the Backyard

Another reason to camp in your backyard is safety. Campers who go to unfamiliar places are not familiar with the surrounding area and can get lost or hurt. In today’s society, you also have to be wary of those camping around you. Safety concerns are eliminated when your camp is in your backyard.

Young children will enjoy camping in the backyard. When you take them to unfamiliar places and they hear sounds they do not normally hear at home, they may become afraid. When you camp in your backyard, they are in familiar surroundings and can enjoy the experience. As your children grow, you may want to take them on camping weekends and the backyard experience will have prepared them for the trip.

Sometimes when people go camping, they forget things. When you are camping in your backyard, you have the opportunity of going into the house to get an article you may need. Campfires are not usually permitted in the backyard unless it is a special fire pit or fireplace that was constructed by a contractor as an outdoor heating source. If you included a fire pit or fireplace as part of your landscaping project, you have an ideal campfire around which to tell stories and toast marshmallows.

You may want to start the evening by preparing dinner outside, playing games, and then telling stories around the fire. When it is time to sleep, depending on the season and the weather, you can sleep in tents or sleep under the stars.

Camping out in the backyard can be fun for the entire family. For families where mom and dad both work and can not always get away from work, spending an evening on the weekend with the kids can bring the family closer together.