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Outdoor Fireplaces

When we think of fireplaces and wood stoves, we commonly think of indoor heating options. These kinds of alternatives come in rather handy when the winter months are harsh. But freezing temperatures are not all fires are good for. What about the outdoor aspect? Personally, I can enjoy a fire year-round. They’re great on camping trips in the spring time or in your backyard for a summer cook-out. When it comes to outdoor fireplaces, the possibilities are endless. How can a crackling flame make your upcoming summer more fun?

outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace

I have always harbored an interest in outdoor fireplaces and fire-pits. To be completely honest, I dream of having a nice, large deck with a fire-pit in the center of it. How sweet is that notion? Imagine a gathering at your home; you could invite family and friends to hang out and relax with you around the fire-pit. Break out the hotdogs and marshmallows and let the roasting begin. You can chat and indulge in a few fine beers while lounging around the fire. Now that’s what life is all about if you ask me. Hey, that scene could totally be a beer commercial or add for outdoor fireplaces.

Last summer when I visited my eldest brother, I immediately spotted his outdoor fireplace. Or I guess I should call it a fire pit/ring. It sits just behind his house and in the perfect area for socializing. We all gathered around the fire ring each night with beer and smores. This is when I knew I had to look into outdoor fireplaces. If he gets one, then I should definitely have one as well. Another cool aspect of the fire outdoors is the smoke. It helps keep away all the gnats and mosquitoes. Kind of like a natural bug repellant. Something we all need when we’re hanging outdoors in during the summer season. Now, if outdoor fireplaces and pits sound like a bit much for you, you can always so with one of the southwestern style fireplaces that resemble a little pottery style chimney. These are perfect for patios and can be purchased at any home store. Also they won’t cost you much, and are easy to maintain.