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Mt Pleasant, SC Decking Lighting Ideas

Most people in the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina area will agree that a deck cannot be complete unless there is some form of outdoor deck lighting on it and there a number of decking lighting ideas available for a person who wishes to light up their deck. In most cases the king of lighting that will be used for a particular deck will be determined by factors such as source of power like electricity and solar as well as the amount of direct sunlight that the yard gets. Post lighting is the first kind of lighting that one should consider for their deck and one of the good things about this kind of lighting is that it comes in various styles namely; base lights, caps or lamp posts.

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Railing posts are the best option to use when attaching post cap lights for the deck area and one can choose posts made from wood grain, burnished copper and brass for the best look. This kind of lighting is best used where there is requirement for lower, softer lighting. Scones lighting fixtures are another option for a person who is looking to light up their deck. This kind of light is best used as an overhead light that is mounted on a wall and is best used when entertaining guests. Since there are many styles of this kind of lighting it is advisable that one settles for the one that will suit their home best.

mt pleasant deck lighting

String lights are another option as far as decking lighting ideas are concerned and they are mostly used during Christmas celebrations. This does not however mean that the lights cannot be used for any other occasion. String lights work best as accent lights and one should attaché them on the deck’s railing or overhead. Many of these lights can be bought as LED which is known to use up little electricity and is quite durable. Imagination and creativity will be required for one to set up the string lights in a practical and appealing way.

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If one is keen to ensure safety around the deck area they should use step and floor lights which can be installed in the wood of the deck directly. Typically, these lights emit a very soft glow which eliminates any worries about the glare of light which can be very irritating. Shaded lamps can be used as lighting for the deck as well and the best are the ones that are at waist level. In this category are also globe lamps which are short which are naturally decorative and can add to the appeal of a deck. If one has a table on their deck they can include centre table lights and to ensure that the lights do not irritate the guests one should choose the ones with soft lights. Hooded or shaded center pieces can work as deck lighting as well. With so many decking lighting ideas one should not have any problem lighting up their deck.