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Wooden Garden Gate for Elegance

garden gate of wood

Realtors often extol the virtues of what they call ‘curb appeal’. This term refers to how passers-by see your home from a street side view. A neat lawn, beds of flowers, garden furniture, lighting and pathways all play a part in creating a lovely first impression of your home. One quite inexpensive, but impressive addition to your home’s curb appeal lies in the wooden garden gate.

Wooden garden gates evoke memories of the Secret Garden, nostalgia, charm and elegance all in a single statement. Garden gates, placed at the street entrance, make a silent but definitive separation from the rest of the world and your own castle. People walking by may pause to try to see what lies beyond. The simple act of placing a barrier, albeit an attractive one, creates mystique. “Oh, I wish I could see more of this private retreat.”

The style of wooden garden gates offers a refinement of the concept. A plain, white picket, wooden garden gate, protecting a charming cottage garden is a visual feast of nostalgic proportions. Without the garden gate feature, that very same cottage garden of delphiniums, mallows and daisies might present an unfocused, rather messy looking conglomeration, going without notice. Enter the simple wooden garden gate and you’ve got a mood!

If your garden design is more formal, with lush beds of English-style perennials, neatly trimmed and sporting blooms with each season, a more elaborate style of gating is preferred. In keeping with this garden design, try a more elegant style. A taller gate, with finely stained and sanded pillars and posts, reminiscent of the Victorian age, may be the perfect complement to your entry’s appearance.

A modern garden that’s more in line with a free form design can make good use of pergolas and arbors, allowing you to enhance your entry’s charm with a romantic planting of climbing roses, lilacs or wisteria, which invites the viewer to take a closer look.

Should you decide to install a gate of wood, you have a variety of wood and finishes from which to choose. The picket fence may be simple pine, while that Secret Garden look may call for elaborate carved railings in a fine finish.

You can purchase your gate from online vendors, or you can make it a DIY project, if you’re handy with tools and have some patience for the task. In either case, this is an inexpensive way to add that sought-after curb appeal and greatly enhance your own experience of the garden you’ve toiled over these many years.