Combination Indoor Outdoor Furniture

There is deck-garden furniture that can be used both inside and outside the home. Sometimes the entertaining area is a sun room or garden room or enclosed patio. In these rooms you will want less formal furniture than you have in the rest of your home. In some high-rise apartments, there may be a separate patio area located outside the living room and/or dining room area that may or may not be enclosed. You may want this patio area to be an extension of your living room or dining room.

The deck-garden furniture you can use in these rooms should be made from wood or wicker. Metal furniture in this setting would be considered inappropriate in this type of room in your home. The furniture you choose should not be as elaborate as the furniture in the rest of your home but you do want it to blend into the surroundings you have created for this indoor garden room.

bedswing-indoorsAs for furniture type: one of the most common pieces of furniture that can be used both indoor and outdoor bed namely the porch swing bed. A bed swing finds common uses indoors as a bed with the secondary feature of lounging. Outdoor use is mostly as a swing and lounge with minor use as an over night bed. Daytime naps in a bed swing are too frequent to list.

If the room is enclosed at the back of your home, when visitors step into the room you want them to feel it is a part of your home. The room should be one of casual comfort, one in which you can relax. Wicker deck-garden furniture is classic. Its simple design is a casual, romantic but comfortable look. Wicker furniture is made for the outdoors and when it is inside, the care and maintenance is much simpler and easy.

Deck-Garden FurnitureWicker is also very durable. Wicker deck-garden furniture comes in a wide range of styles and colors. You can choose from dining sets, living room sets which may include a sofa, love seat, or settee and chairs with or without ottomans. There are side tables to sit drinks or plants on and they complete the area in your room. You can use this same wicker design to extend your enclosed area to an adjacent outdoor area.

You can also choose teak wood deck-garden furniture in your indoor garden or sun room. Teak has a natural golden colored finish. It is sturdy and durable. You have a choice of a variety of pieces to complement your room.

You will want to look around your home improvement store, department store, or search the Internet to find the type of furniture you want and to compare prices.

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