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Our commitment to quality outdoor furniture that you can adorn your deck and porch is our guarantee to you. We WILL exceed your expectations.

We only except the very finest vendors as we comb the globe for quality. Some companies we work with simply stand out so far above the competition that we will only provide that product through that source. One such example is a manufacturer of bed swings near the Charleston, SC area. Unsurprisingly, this company is called The Original Charleston Bedswing. Much more information is available at the local Charleston South Carolina Area Businesses websites. The Wikipedia page at Bed swings provides more background info on that subject.

In your search for quality, please compare our products complete specifications with the competition; fabrics, connectors, structural components, the whole package. You will find that our selection holds up against any other outdoor furniture company.

When designing or redesigning your porch or your deck or even your backyard, check our products. They may even give you design change ideas.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Trees that are well maintained provide so much beauty to the home environment and amplify your outdoor furniture. Remove trees that don’t fit or look right. Hire a local arborist to conduct regular and periodic tree service. Trimming allows trees to grow to the desired height as well as the preferred shape. It is important to note that just like home and business equipment and machinery; trees also require regular maintenance to help them retain their health. Tree trimming not only benefits people with a beautiful and calm atmosphere, it also helps to maintain a good environment.

Sometimes when the trees get of age, some of the stem tissues die and produce deadwood. Although deadwood may not be harmful to the tree, it may reduce the esthetic value. Also, uncontrolled breaking off and falling deadwood could damage property, the healthy tree branches, or cause personal injury. For those reasons, consider periodic Mt Pleasant tree trimming and removal of dying or dead limbs and branches.

There are numerous benefits that will result from tree trimming and deadwood removal, allowing you more picturesque viewing from your outdoor furniture. It is important not to consider trees just as green and non-moving organisms but as important living things that:

  • Provide habitat to other living creatures
  • Bring beauty through flowers
  • Provide sweet fruits
  • Protect against storm, strong winds and floods
  • Show off your entire backyard

In the near future, we will be opening our vehicle garage remodeling division. This will give you innovative ideas on organizing your garage around your car or truck such that it works not only as a garage, but also as a storage area and a vehicle maintenance area. We are getting many of our ideas from various sites to supplant our own garage make-over ideas.

Having outdoor and/or deck furniture essentially gives you an extra room or two of living space. Explore the opportunity and let Deck Garden Furniture help you achieve your dream.

Organize Your Garage

car repair garageFor most of us, the garage is a place where everything goes that can’t fit in the house. If closets are full or if there is no space left in the laundry room, we put it in the garage; it’s the only reason that people go out there anyway.

I happen to love my garage, however, and spend an awful lot of time out there. Like most people, though, it tends to become cluttered because we do put a lot of stuff out there that we can’t find a place for in the house.

The good news is, I have found a way to organize your garage so that it can still be used as a storage facility, but is also a neat and clean space where you actually want to go out and spend time, and best of all, you can find everything.

The first thing you should do when you decide to organize your garage is to throw out everything you are not going to ever use again. I know that this may be difficult, but there is no point in keeping things that will simply add to the clutter of the garage.

The next thing to do is to put up some peg boards on the wall, which can typically be found at any hardware store, and begin hanging things on the pegs. You will be amazed at how much neater this makes the garage’s appearance, and walls are often not utilized nearly as much as they could be. I typically buy zip-lock bags to hang things like screws, nails, nuts and bolts.

One of the most important things to do to organize your garage is to pick up a bunch of boxes from a local supermarket, so that you can put things like Christmas decorations and auto supplies into them. Make sure to label the boxes with a marker and devote a certain portion of the garage to storage of those boxes.

What you will find is that it is more visually appealing than just piling things on top of each other and that things are easier to get to, as well. Another big advantage of this is that your decorations and other materials are protected from dust and any critters you may have running around out there.

oil leak car repair

oil leak car repair

Another thing I recommend to help organize your garage and keep it clean is to keep a broom and dustpan out there, because tracking in mud or leaves is almost unavoidable, and if you spill something, it is easier to clean it up. Keep the oils stains off the floor by regular car maintenance or using your favorite car repair mechanic to ensure your engine and brake systems are tight. The main reason auto repair companies have become so successful in today’s times is because they seem to understand exactly what their clients are wanting. Gone are the days of changing your own spark plugs and fixing your carburetor.

Some of these approaches to organize your garage probably seem pretty basic, but they work and make it a lot easier to get around and find things when you need them. You don’t have to try to do everything at once, either; just take it one step at a time.

Wooden Garden Gate for Elegance

garden gate of wood

Realtors often extol the virtues of what they call ‘curb appeal’. This term refers to how passers-by see your home from a street side view. A neat lawn, beds of flowers, garden furniture, lighting and pathways all play a part in creating a lovely first impression of your home. One quite inexpensive, but impressive addition to your home’s curb appeal lies in the wooden garden gate.

Wooden garden gates evoke memories of the Secret Garden, nostalgia, charm and elegance all in a single statement. Garden gates, placed at the street entrance, make a silent but definitive separation from the rest of the world and your own castle. People walking by may pause to try to see what lies beyond. The simple act of placing a barrier, albeit an attractive one, creates mystique. “Oh, I wish I could see more of this private retreat.”

The style of wooden garden gates offers a refinement of the concept. A plain, white picket, wooden garden gate, protecting a charming cottage garden is a visual feast of nostalgic proportions. Without the garden gate feature, that very same cottage garden of delphiniums, mallows and daisies might present an unfocused, rather messy looking conglomeration, going without notice. Enter the simple wooden garden gate and you’ve got a mood!

If your garden design is more formal, with lush beds of English-style perennials, neatly trimmed and sporting blooms with each season, a more elaborate style of gating is preferred. In keeping with this garden design, try a more elegant style. A taller gate, with finely stained and sanded pillars and posts, reminiscent of the Victorian age, may be the perfect complement to your entry’s appearance.

A modern garden that’s more in line with a free form design can make good use of pergolas and arbors, allowing you to enhance your entry’s charm with a romantic planting of climbing roses, lilacs or wisteria, which invites the viewer to take a closer look.

Should you decide to install a gate of wood, you have a variety of wood and finishes from which to choose. The picket fence may be simple pine, while that Secret Garden look may call for elaborate carved railings in a fine finish.

You can purchase your gate from online vendors, or you can make it a DIY project, if you’re handy with tools and have some patience for the task. In either case, this is an inexpensive way to add that sought-after curb appeal and greatly enhance your own experience of the garden you’ve toiled over these many years.

Combination Indoor Outdoor Furniture

There is deck-garden furniture that can be used both inside and outside the home. Sometimes the entertaining area is a sun room or garden room or enclosed patio. In these rooms you will want less formal furniture than you have in the rest of your home. In some high-rise apartments, there may be a separate patio area located outside the living room and/or dining room area that may or may not be enclosed. You may want this patio area to be an extension of your living room or dining room.

The deck-garden furniture you can use in these rooms should be made from wood or wicker. Metal furniture in this setting would be considered inappropriate in this type of room in your home. The furniture you choose should not be as elaborate as the furniture in the rest of your home but you do want it to blend into the surroundings you have created for this indoor garden room.

bedswing-indoorsAs for furniture type: one of the most common pieces of furniture that can be used both indoor and outdoor bed namely the porch swing bed. A bed swing finds common uses indoors as a bed with the secondary feature of lounging. Outdoor use is mostly as a swing and lounge with minor use as an over night bed. Daytime naps in a bed swing are too frequent to list.

If the room is enclosed at the back of your home, when visitors step into the room you want them to feel it is a part of your home. The room should be one of casual comfort, one in which you can relax. Wicker deck-garden furniture is classic. Its simple design is a casual, romantic but comfortable look. Wicker furniture is made for the outdoors and when it is inside, the care and maintenance is much simpler and easy.

Deck-Garden FurnitureWicker is also very durable. Wicker deck-garden furniture comes in a wide range of styles and colors. You can choose from dining sets, living room sets which may include a sofa, love seat, or settee and chairs with or without ottomans. There are side tables to sit drinks or plants on and they complete the area in your room. You can use this same wicker design to extend your enclosed area to an adjacent outdoor area.

You can also choose teak wood deck-garden furniture in your indoor garden or sun room. Teak has a natural golden colored finish. It is sturdy and durable. You have a choice of a variety of pieces to complement your room.

You will want to look around your home improvement store, department store, or search the Internet to find the type of furniture you want and to compare prices.

Mt Pleasant, SC Decking Lighting Ideas

Most people in the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina area will agree that a deck cannot be complete unless there is some form of outdoor deck lighting on it and there a number of decking lighting ideas available for a person who wishes to light up their deck. In most cases the king of lighting that will be used for a particular deck will be determined by factors such as source of power like electricity and solar as well as the amount of direct sunlight that the yard gets. Post lighting is the first kind of lighting that one should consider for their deck and one of the good things about this kind of lighting is that it comes in various styles namely; base lights, caps or lamp posts.

mt pleasant sc deck lighting

Railing posts are the best option to use when attaching post cap lights for the deck area and one can choose posts made from wood grain, burnished copper and brass for the best look. This kind of lighting is best used where there is requirement for lower, softer lighting. Scones lighting fixtures are another option for a person who is looking to light up their deck. This kind of light is best used as an overhead light that is mounted on a wall and is best used when entertaining guests. Since there are many styles of this kind of lighting it is advisable that one settles for the one that will suit their home best.

mt pleasant deck lighting

String lights are another option as far as decking lighting ideas are concerned and they are mostly used during Christmas celebrations. This does not however mean that the lights cannot be used for any other occasion. String lights work best as accent lights and one should attaché them on the deck’s railing or overhead. Many of these lights can be bought as LED which is known to use up little electricity and is quite durable. Imagination and creativity will be required for one to set up the string lights in a practical and appealing way.

deck lighting mount pleasant

If one is keen to ensure safety around the deck area they should use step and floor lights which can be installed in the wood of the deck directly. Typically, these lights emit a very soft glow which eliminates any worries about the glare of light which can be very irritating. Shaded lamps can be used as lighting for the deck as well and the best are the ones that are at waist level. In this category are also globe lamps which are short which are naturally decorative and can add to the appeal of a deck. If one has a table on their deck they can include centre table lights and to ensure that the lights do not irritate the guests one should choose the ones with soft lights. Hooded or shaded center pieces can work as deck lighting as well. With so many decking lighting ideas one should not have any problem lighting up their deck.

Wood Patio Covers or Aluminum?

So here you have the space that’s going to be your patio. You know exactly how to pave it, you have the right kind of patio furniture picked out, and you could swear you’ve even planned the parties you’ll have there. There’s just one little detail that you’ve overlooked and that you’ll have to get around to one of these days – what kind of patio cover will you choose. More to the point, should you go with wood patio covers or aluminum patio covers?

Certainly, each kind of product here owns a different kind of visual appeal. And you might want to go with one or the other just for the way it looks. But setting visual appeal aside for the moment, let’s just try to look at how wood patio covers and aluminum patio covers measure up on function alone.

If you’ve ever tried to pick the right material for your outdoor deck, you’ve probably been here before – aluminum or wood. As usual, aluminum is the lightweight and low-maintenance product. It may cost a little bit more, but for those who look for convenience, it makes up in considerable measure by being really easy in the maintenance department. Wood does have this quality that it has this traditional look and can be very charming and old world.

But wood decking and wood patio covers can be hell to maintain. At the very least, even if your area doesn’t have termites (or if you get the best termite resistant wood), the polish on the wood or the paint is going to constantly be worn down by the rain and the shine. Before long, the shiny new look is going to be long gone and you are going to have to the lay the cash out to have everything refinished. If you live close to the coast, the salty humidity is going to take a toll on the finish on the wood, too.

Aluminum patio covers, on the other hand, are practically indestructible in the general course of things. A lot of people, when they think of wood, think that it’s eco-friendly. It’s green and biodegradable. But that’s not the point all. You destroy a couple of trees with wood patio covers, for every house you install them in. Aluminum on the other hand, is completely recyclable. The day that you decide that you’ve had your patio cover for long enough, your local recycling company will be more than happy to take it off your hands to melt it and refinish it into something else.

However, if you plan to stay in a place no longer than a couple of years, simple, low-quality wood would be a good idea for a patio cover. A product like that would cost less than aluminum, and you wouldn’t really care about refinishing it often, as you wouldn’t need to use it for that long.

Should I Cover My Outdoor Furniture?

Our local Huntsville, AL area manufacturers get asked the same questions time after time. Many of those companies have FAQ pages on their site to assist in answering these similar and frequently asked questions. As an example: The owners of a local manufacturer of high end bed swings gets asked all the time about the fabric they use to cover the cushions on their furniture.

In this article we talk more about general, separately purchased protective covers. Some types of deck or porch furniture need to be maintained and cared for more than others. If your outdoor furniture is used often and stays out in the open, you may want to consider purchasing furniture covers.

Lightweight aluminum garden furniture or screened porch furniture can be folded and stored when not in use. As the seasons change and you are not using the garden furniture, it can be cleaned and stored in a shed, garage, or closet. If you do not have the storage space, you may want to consider using furniture covers.

Wood porch furniture such as teak needs to be cleaned and maintained. During the season when you are using it, the sun is beating down on it, the rain gets it wet, and if left outside during winter, harsh winds and cold weather will take its toil. Teak wood can be polished and restored to its color. However, you may wish to use furniture covers when it is not in use.

Deck furniture covers are made from a thick gauge vinyl with a polyurethane lining. The vinyl exterior of the furniture cover protects your furniture from rain and snow. Some of the higher end furniture, such as that built by premiere companies, that comes for manufacturers is covered in almost impervious fabric. The covers also allow air to flow so that your deck-garden furniture does not collect mold or mildew. Furniture covers come loose so that you just place it over a particular piece or have an elastic bottom edge or a draw-string bottom to hold them in place. If the area where your deck-garden furniture is used is windy, you may want to purchase covers that have elastic or a draw-string bottom so they do not blow away.

There are garden furniture covers for the cushions on your sofas, settees, chairs, and ottomans. Furniture covers come in a variety of colors. You can select colors to blend in with your deck-garden outdoor room. Protecting your deck, porch and garden furniture will ensure a long life for the furniture and it will always look good for your outdoor entertaining.

Real Estate Value Improved by Backyard

Buying real estate has never been easier. There are certainly real estate agents and brokers that can help you find great property to invest in, but you can also do a lot of the work yourself. The same goes for improving your home worth by making the back yard glow with esthetics. Don’t crowd it with too much furniture, rather pick the proper amount and look. With all of the information that is easily available to anyone over the Internet, you have access to the things that only real estate companies had access to decades, even years ago. In this sense, the Internet is a great equalizer and can help you with buying real estate.

Buying real estate could be the best investment that you could possibly make for your personal financial future. When you plan to sell yours, these tips work also. Ensure your front and back yards are trimmed and you have tree maintenance done. The stock market is a known gamble; if anyone tells you that they have a “can’t miss” stock or a “secret investing strategy” – run away. Those people are lying to you; there is no such thing as a sure thing in the stock market. And yes, buying real estate is speculative, but much less so. True, there was a housing bubble, and it burst, but few investments accumulates value over the middle to long term better than real estate.

The key to purchasing real estate is no secret – in fact, there is an old saying about it. The key to finding value is location, location, location. There are literally dozens of ways to change and improve the real estate value, but nothing can change where your land actually is. A good location is worth more than practically anything else; nothing is as much of a determinate of value than the location. So, when evaluating real estate, you really want to look not just at where it is located now, but what might be located around it in the future. A classic example: a friend of mine, his grandparents bought a bunch of land south of Chicago a couple of decades ago. It spiked in value recently when the government bought it up for the third airport development. These are the sorts of things you need to think of when selecting a new home or investment.

All the above pertains to the sale of your own home. Make it look right and give it the curb appeal so that the buyers will actually take the time to look inside. Get the front, back and side yards looking good with proper trimming and the correct lawn furniture.

Outdoor Fireplaces

When we think of fireplaces and wood stoves, we commonly think of indoor heating options. These kinds of alternatives come in rather handy when the winter months are harsh. But freezing temperatures are not all fires are good for. What about the outdoor aspect? Personally, I can enjoy a fire year-round. They’re great on camping trips in the spring time or in your backyard for a summer cook-out. When it comes to outdoor fireplaces, the possibilities are endless. How can a crackling flame make your upcoming summer more fun?

outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace

I have always harbored an interest in outdoor fireplaces and fire-pits. To be completely honest, I dream of having a nice, large deck with a fire-pit in the center of it. How sweet is that notion? Imagine a gathering at your home; you could invite family and friends to hang out and relax with you around the fire-pit. Break out the hotdogs and marshmallows and let the roasting begin. You can chat and indulge in a few fine beers while lounging around the fire. Now that’s what life is all about if you ask me. Hey, that scene could totally be a beer commercial or add for outdoor fireplaces.

Last summer when I visited my eldest brother, I immediately spotted his outdoor fireplace. Or I guess I should call it a fire pit/ring. It sits just behind his house and in the perfect area for socializing. We all gathered around the fire ring each night with beer and smores. This is when I knew I had to look into outdoor fireplaces. If he gets one, then I should definitely have one as well. Another cool aspect of the fire outdoors is the smoke. It helps keep away all the gnats and mosquitoes. Kind of like a natural bug repellant. Something we all need when we’re hanging outdoors in during the summer season. Now, if outdoor fireplaces and pits sound like a bit much for you, you can always so with one of the southwestern style fireplaces that resemble a little pottery style chimney. These are perfect for patios and can be purchased at any home store. Also they won’t cost you much, and are easy to maintain.

Deck and Porch Furniture

There is a difference in the furniture you will use for outdoor activities where you have limited space and outdoor activities that are set aside as outdoor rooms.

If your space is limited and you have outdoor activities, you will want to look at furniture that can be folded and temporarily put away until the next activity. The folding type of deck-garden furniture is constructed so that it fits into a small space such as a closet or under the bed. This type of furniture is handy to take to the park or a picnic area and can be stored neatly in the trunk of your car.

Lightweight deck-garden furniture is made from durable materials such as teak or aluminum. Aluminum is the lightest and it is the only metal used in folding deck garden furniture. It is very durable and will last for years. It requires very little maintenance. The lightweight furniture of today is a much better quality than the furniture made in the past.

teakteak2Teak is a lightweight wood and the deck-garden furniture made from it is made to fold or is constructed as solid pieces to remain in place. Teak is known for its durability and strength. You can find teak furniture with cushions in various colors. The cushions are usually weather resistant. Teak wood, however, does need special cleaning to maintain its natural finish. The color is restored quickly and easily.

Stackable deck-garden furniture is usually made from recycled plastic. It is made in one piece and is designed to stack in a small amount of space for storage. This type of furniture is not made to be taken to the park or a picnic area. It is easy to clean. You can usually wash it off with a water hose.

You can find lightweight deck-garden furniture at home improvement stores, department stores, and on the Internet. The lightweight aluminum deck-garden furniture will have seats with backs in various colors. Modern plastic furniture comes in a variety of colors. You will have a wide selection to choose from

Using Your Deck and Backyard

When you landscape your backyard, do tree trimming, add a deck, garden, or patio, it is time to show it off. What better way than a family reunion. If you have family living close to your community, this may be the opportunity to get everyone together.

Check with your family members regarding their schedules. Plan your family reunion when the weather is nice. With family members living close by, they will not have to travel far, especially with young children, and will enjoy the day.

backyardYou will be in charge of planning the reunion but you should get ideas from other family members. Give their ideas and suggestions consideration but make sure they fit into your overall plans for the day.

Create special invitations for the day. Ask that they RSVP you by mail or phone if they plan to attend. You will want to make sure you have enough room to accommodate all who will attend.

There should be an area for the adults to gather for conversation. Also, you should have an area where the children can play without getting hurt. If you have added a swimming pool, make sure there is adult supervision if the kids are going to swim.

Plan your backyard family reunion with a budget in mind. You will be providing Family Reunionfood, drinks, and other snacks as well as paper goods. You may also want to create banners and decoration. If you want to have a special item to remember the day, you may consider asking your relatives to chip in for caps or t-shirts.

June 170, You can have a simple menu for the reunion such as hot dogs and hamburgers. If you want a more elaborate fare, you can add barbecue, baked beans, and coleslaw to the menu. Prepare as many dishes as you can ahead of time. You may also want to consider having other family members bring a dish to the reunion.

Families who live in the same general area sometimes find it hard to get together because of their work schedules and the schedules of their children. You can plan your family reunion months in advance to accommodate these schedules.

A family reunion in your backyard is a party. It is a celebration of family and will be a memorable occasion for all who attend.

Camping Out in the Backyard

Have you landscaped your backyard? Did you add a deck with a lounging, cooking, and dining area? Do you have a section in your backyard where you can pitch a tent? If so, you have the perfect place for an outdoor camping trip for the entire family.

Millions of Americans go camping. They go to special campgrounds or state parks. Sometimes, it is not possible to find the time to go on a trip. If you make this a backyard activity with your family, it is one way of spending quality time together. And after your kids tell all their friends about the fun they had, you will probably have guest campers and envious parents in your neighborhood.

camping out

Backyard camping is easier than camping at a state park or special campgrounds. The main reason is because you do not have to get in the car to drive for miles to get there. You can keep your camping gear in a shed or the garage for easy access. On the weekend or night you plan to camp out, you just pull out the gear and set it up.

Camping in the Backyard

Another reason to camp in your backyard is safety. Campers who go to unfamiliar places are not familiar with the surrounding area and can get lost or hurt. In today’s society, you also have to be wary of those camping around you. Safety concerns are eliminated when your camp is in your backyard.

Young children will enjoy camping in the backyard. When you take them to unfamiliar places and they hear sounds they do not normally hear at home, they may become afraid. When you camp in your backyard, they are in familiar surroundings and can enjoy the experience. As your children grow, you may want to take them on camping weekends and the backyard experience will have prepared them for the trip.

Sometimes when people go camping, they forget things. When you are camping in your backyard, you have the opportunity of going into the house to get an article you may need. Campfires are not usually permitted in the backyard unless it is a special fire pit or fireplace that was constructed by a contractor as an outdoor heating source. If you included a fire pit or fireplace as part of your landscaping project, you have an ideal campfire around which to tell stories and toast marshmallows.

You may want to start the evening by preparing dinner outside, playing games, and then telling stories around the fire. When it is time to sleep, depending on the season and the weather, you can sleep in tents or sleep under the stars.

Camping out in the backyard can be fun for the entire family. For families where mom and dad both work and can not always get away from work, spending an evening on the weekend with the kids can bring the family closer together.